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Xmas 2007
New Feature:  Ten Things People Do to Annoy Their Dogs

Leah gets a great kick out of watching out the window in my office.

Elah is shy and runs from any unusual noises. 

She usually walks on a leash with her tail down but curled up at the end.  Pretty apprehensive.

She is incredibly fast and outruns almost every dog in the park, even the big ones. 

Elah seemed at first to be the alpha-dominant of the two but they chase each other around the house and play and wrestle like little puppies. 

She used to run into her crate as soon as I'd say "kennel" and reach for a dog treat.  At about nine months old she got a squeaky toy as a present and it somehow changed her personality.  She's more independent after that and has to be coaxed into her crate. 

Elah's fur is softer, more poodle-like. 

Elah is learning to fetch.  She got the Sit and Lay and Stay command a little quicker than Leah, but still resists going into the crate just a little.

Leah is bolder and friendlier and walks with her tail up and wagging.  She's definitely the extrovert.

Leah is also more submissive and rolls over on her back for almost every dog she meets, especially males no matter how small they are.

She's the approval seeker who wants to to give her paw even when I don't ask for it and be close to me.  Her behavior reminds me of Butch. 

People who meet them always comment on Leah's coloring.

Leah is starting to catch a tennis ball in her mouth and is more willing to give me a paw on command.

Leah is at 11 months is more willing to go into her crate on command and is also getting the Sit and Stay and Lay commands. 

Leah likes riding in the Jeep a whole lot more than Elah does


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