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Arrival of My Girls
Notes and pictures from the first few days Leah and Elah
and I were getting acquainted. 


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Xmas 2007
New Feature:  Ten Things People Do to Annoy Their Dogs

Notes and pictures from the first few days Leah and Elah and I were getting acquainted. 

Sunday June 3 2007 I got a call from the women who run Pets in Distress, a small private rescue organization that relies on foster homes for shelter here in Ft Lauderdale.  (Well, really out in in Davie.)   I had agreed to take care of dogs on a 'foster home' basis and they were calling for my help. 

Thursday June 7 2007.  Here they are.  Two sisters born 10/11/06 who have lived mostly at Mommie's Puppies, a small pet store  up in Parkland ever since, mostly in kennel crates and in the room in back of the pet store, hoping for someone to buy them. (Mommie's Puppies has moved to Boca and is now Golden Paws II)

At eight months old and about 25 pounds each their chances of being bought were growing slimmer.  Most customers want adorable little puppies and smaller dogs.  These gals look a lot bigger than they are because of all the fur.   It's poodle fur and they should not be shedders.  That's the good news.  The bad news is they are skittish and frightened and not socialized, which made them even less likely to be bought.  Rosalie, the proprietor just wanted them to have a home and called the rescue to see what could be done. 

So these are my new girls.  Taken in as foster care dogs until a home could be found.  Originally named Lucy and Ethel by the pet store.  They didn't respond to the names very well and as confused as they were, this was a good time to change them, which I have now done. 

(Update June 9, 2007:  They are staying.  Renamed Leah and Elah)

Elah (nee Ethel and Elsa for a few days)

Poodle - collie mixes is what they were called, or colliedoodles.  Do you see collie characteristics?

Leah (nee Lucy and Lena for a few days) 

She's actually grayer - more salt and pepper - than her sister but the contrasts don't show up too well in these first two photos. 

Here are some more. 

Leah with my neighbor Mark.  She warmed up to me much quicker than her sister did. 

Elah looking out the back door of my place. 

You can see how much darker she is here.  She is the more reserved and shy (frightened actually) of the two although they are both nervous.  They jump at the slightest odd noise like a sneeze, to say nothing or car and truck noises on the street.  As I am writing this at about 11PM on their first night they are already laying by my desk chair chewing rawhide bones.  

Another good picture of the color contrasts. They need haircuts and their nails done. 

One of them put three holes in my T Shirt the first day just saying hello and I didn't even notice til later.   We have are working on walking on leashes.  Quite a project with two large dogs that are not leash trained.   We've had a few wet spots and pooped in the house a couple times.  I bought a second crate and now they are being crate trained until they are reliably housebroken. 

I put in the arrow because she blends into the woodwork a little too well. 

So far they like the rawhide bones.  They don't seem to really have any grasp of what a ball is for.

Dogs do funny dumb things, especially puppies.  So here's the first funny dumb thing.  They came around the corner into my office when I got home from Spanish class the first night and both started howling at their own images in the mirrored wall at the far end of the office room. 

Here they are below figuring out what was going on with the mirrors.  They still don't really get it but hopefully they will catch on.  I want them to be good smart quiet dogs that don't bark at every little thing.

Friday June 8, 2007 - They were quiet last night.  One barked at around 5:30 this morning.  I was up around 6:00.  Real early for me. 

Walked and brushed both of them this morning.  Walking on leashes will take some work, and training two of them at once to walk on a leash will be a special challenge.

Leah actually rolled over and showed her belly in the process of being brushed.  Neither one resisted too much at all.  Very encouraging. 

Update Saturday June 9, 2007: Got them their rabies shots today.  No problem riding them in the Jeep but I did put the windows and doors on. 

Finally got a good picture of Elah's face.  Took a while to even make eye contact with this one.

Have to get them to the groomer, then for spaying.  They are good docile dogs.  They are mostly quiet at night.  Walking two of them on a leash is still tough work but they will get the hang of it. 

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