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Xmas 2007
New Feature:  Ten Things People Do to Annoy Their Dogs

Leah and Elah at the Dog Park in Colohatchee Park, Wilton Manors Florida
October 7, 2007


Playmates at the park come in all shapes and sizes. 

Leah and Odin.  Inseparable. 

This Great Dane weighs 174 pounds.  Almost six times the size of Leah. 


July 29, 2007 Pictures below from One of our first visits to
the Dog Park in Colohatchee Park,
Wilton Manors Florida

July 29, 2007.  They are coming along beautifully.   

Finally figured out why they aren't gaining weight.  Turns out they have a little hook worm and some giardia intestinal parasite working.   A visit to the vet and some special food and antibiotics and they should be all better.   

Just as I was about to write that nobody has made a mess in the house in quite a while I looked up and Elah was wetting the rug by the sliding glass door.  At least this time I got to go do a quick correction so maybe she'll figure it out.  Usually when I find wet spots (or worse) I don't know who did it and that has made housebreaking a little harder.   

One good thing is they still haven't figured out that the house has an upstairs, which is carpeted.  I don't know why but even after watching me go up and down, they have no aparent curiosity about what is up there.   I'll invite them up and have them sleeping in my room once I am totally confident about their housebreaking. 

And when I am confident that they wont chew the corner of the sofa (Leah) or books on the bookshelves (Elah), then I can get these two big kennel crates our of my office!

All in all they are becoming a little less shy, more obedient.  Leah can do a sit and paw command and even switch paws when I say 'other'.  Elah is close to getting the concept of fetching and bringing a ball all the way back to me.   Having trouble with the sit-stay with both of them and that's really essential. 

Having two is more work (and expense) but having them around is really great. 

  Visiting the Park Again, August 2007

Now the fun starts, let's wrestle and fight over the toy ball

And Elah won this round!

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